BOFH Excuse Generator

The BOFH Excuse Generator was kind of a "Hello Android Market" app to experiment with publishing an application, somehow it ended up with over 5,000 downloads, so it stayed. It was written for Android 1.5 (Cupcake) and hasn't really been updated since.

It contains a BOFH inspired random excuse generator as well as a collection of 460 excuses that can be selected at random.

Note (8th Oct. 2015): It's been brought to my attention that the menu is inaccessible on newer Samsung devices as they do not show an on-screen menu and no longer have a menu button. I no longer have the source code to this application so a simple fix is out of the question. If I get time, I will do a re-write.

What is the BOFH?

BOFH, The Bastard Operator From Hell is a fictional systems administrator created by Simon Travaglia. The BOFH series focuses on the "adventures" of this admin and his pimply-faced youth (the PFY). You can find current BOFH stories over at The Register and the original stories on Simon's Site. See this page for the original Excuse Board and how the app works internally.



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The APK is available below for side-loading.