Squares XLS

Squares is a simple grid-based board game my sister used to play on our old Amstrad. You navigate a block around a maze, filling your path as you go. The goal is to fill all blocks in the level without getting stuck.

Squares XLS is the game written using Excel worksheets as a game grid driven by a VBA macro. It was a bit of fun to prevent a month's worth of thumb twiddling during the Comet closure.

It turned out quite popular and ended up being e-mailed around a fair few people who created their own levels and sent it back (yes, it has a level editor - it was a long month).

The version here contains the combined works of Comet HO, good times.



If you're a good netizen, you shouldn't be downloading and running random Excel macro files (xlsm), but I promise the only harm this will cause is to productivity. Once you've opened it and enabled macros, you need to click the 'Reload' button to begin playing.