Hosted Game Servers

A small group of us play online together a lot and run private servers to save us from the lame mud-slinging experience of the open Internet. If you know us and want to join one of these servers, contact either myself, Ian, John or Damo. If you don't know these people, you probably don't qualify for admission. :-)

ARK: Survival Evolved

How to join: If you have Steam installed, click this link. Otherwise, you can load ARK and search for 'Cybertron'.

Scheduled Downtime: 7am (UK time BST/GMT) every morning for approx 15 minutes. Warnings are displayed in-game every 15 minutes for an hour before the server goes offline. This is to perform routine backups and patching.

The server checks for major (client-breaking) patch releases every hour, if found and there is nobody on the server, it will patch immediately, otherwise on the next hour when nobody is on. Patching normally takes around 15 minutes.

If the server is online but you cannot connect, check your client version (on the main menu) against the server version (in the server list). If the major number is different the server needs patching. Contact myself or Ian or, if the server is vacant, try again in an hour.

Counter-Strike: Source

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


You must be a member of the sr-l4d group on Steam to join this server.

Scheduled Downtime: Will patch immediately after Ark finishes patching at 7am.

Getting a Lobby to use the Dedicated Server

Follow the instructions below to use the dedicated server from the lobby.

  1. Load L4D and go into Options > Keyboard and Mouse and turn on Allow Developer Console. This turns on the ` key (below escape, left of 1) which you'll need later to access the console.
  2. Start a lobby as normal, where players can join and enable voice.
  3. Press ` to open the console and type 'bind F1 "mm_dedicated_force_servers"' and press enter.
  4. Press ` to close the console.
  5. Press F1 to tell the lobby to use the dedicated server.

Now whenever you get to this point in the lobby, pressing F1 will switch the lobby to use Cybertron when the game starts. You must press F1 each time you get into a new lobby.

Left4Dead 2

You must be a member of the sr-l4d group on Steam to join this server. Follow the instructions on Left4Dead to connect to the server from a lobby.

Scheduled Downtime: Will patch immediately after Left4Dead finishes patching at 7am.


  • Details: Private (white-list) Minecraft game server (the Pyramid world)
  • Server Name: Mooland
  • Hosted: (local server)

Offline. Server still exists and can be brought online at any time. Contact me if you want it turning on.