Dual-Monitor Wallpaper Tweaker

Screen shot of the applicationThe Dual-Monitor Wallpaper Tweaker automatically adjusts wallpaper images to work on multi-monitor setups where left-most monitor is not the primary display. See Features below for more information.


Download for Windows XP and Vista: dmwt- ( 244 KB )


The Dual-Monitor Wallpaper Tweaker takes a dual monitor wallpaper, scales it to cover the combined resolution of all monitors, prompts the user to crop off any overhanging areas, and adjusts the image as described here to make it display properly on multi-monitor setups not using the left monitor as the primary monitor.

The Dual-Monitor Wallpaper Tweaker can:

  • automatically detect the number of screens and resolutions
    • but allow manual screen layout for creating wallpapers for different setups
  • scale the supplied image to the combined desktop resolution
  • crop off any overhanging edges
    • allows a choice of cropping from the top left, top, top right, left, centre, right, bottom left and bottom right
  • save the wallpaper in either JPEG or bitmap format
  • set the wallpaper to the new image

Note: The application currently only supports horizontal setups. I've yet to meet anyone with a vertical setup, and do not have the facilities to test it.

How to Use

Double-click the executable, the application will load with the detected screen layout values. You do not need to change these unless you are creating a wallpaper for a setup other than that of the current computer.

Click 'Open Image' and browse to the wallpaper file you have downloaded. The image will show in the preview box.

Select whether you want the new image to be saved in your user profile or a location you specify. If you want to specify your own location, click the '...' button for a 'Save As' dialog. When the image is saved in your user profile, you can find it in "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Wallpaper.jpg" where username would be replaced with your login username.

Finally, tick whether you want the new wallpaper to be set now and click 'Create Wallpaper'. The new wallpaper will be created and saved where you specified. If you selected to apply the wallpaper, it should appear in a few seconds.


The application does not come with an installer. If you want to install it into the Start Menu, there are two common ways to do this:

  1. If you, and only you will be using the application, you can simply drag the executable (dmwt.exe) over the Start button, hold it there until the Start Menu pops up. Then drag the icon onto programs, and to where you want it in the Start Menu. You can then right-click on it and give it an appropriate name, but do not remove the .exe extention.

  2. If more than one user needs the application, move the executable to a new folder in C:\Program Files. Right-click on it and choose 'Create Shortcut'. Use the right-click menu to cut the shortcut.

    Right-click on the Start button and click 'Open All Users', this will bring up an Explorer window with the Start Menu, navigate to where you would like the shortcut and using either the menubar or the right-click menu, paste the shortcut.