MiniMP3 Player

The MiniMP3 Player was my pet project for a fair number of years. While working at PC World, I had obtained a copy of Borland Delphi 2, and had created the MiniCD Player. This was a CD player that's interface used only the system tray, and a 100x16 pixel icon box that hovered at the top right of the screen, over the title bar of the application, to the left of the minimize/maximize/close buttons.

I showed the MiniCD Player to Andy at PC World, who immediately jumped in with "can you make an MP3 version?" At the time, MP3 usage was only just getting started, so I decided to take on the challenge. A week later, the first carnation of the MiniMP3 Player was released, Andy was happy, and I had a new obsession.

The more I used the MiniMP3 Player, the more features I wanted it to have. It went through 3 versions, from a simple single UI to multiple view modes with strong playlist support, but kept it's main feature, being able to be controlled from the system tray icon.

I'd started working on version 4 of the player. This brought many improvements including skin support. The 4th version never got finished as I'd started using Linux more than Windows. It is in an alpha state and has been abandoned, but that tree skin is just too awesome not to keep (the ladybird is a crawling progress bar).

Screen Shots


I no longer have any of the previous versions of the MiniMP3 Player. Version 4 is mostly complete, it will display a "alpha quality" warning when loaded, other than that pretty much everything works, it hasn't been thoroughly tested, so you may find bugs. (640 KB)

Honourable Mentions

Although the MiniMP3 Player is no more, the people below were invaluable during it's lifetime, and I feel deserve a mention:

  • Ian Smith
    Never ending testing, suggestion of new features and general moral boosting.

  • Andy Setchell
    For provoking the idea, without it, the MiniMP3 Player would never have provided me with hours of entertainment, not only building it but listening to it while building it.

  • Robert Kuhlmann
    Coded the compression algorithm functions which were used to store skins.

  • Troels Jakobsen
    Developed the CoolTrayIcon component for Delphi. This was a core part of the MiniMP3 Player, so a big thank you.

  • Joey Durham
    For his brilliant tutorials on Macromedia Fireworks, which allowed me to create the default skin.

  • Steve Grant
    Is responsible for the atrocity that is the Tree Skin. But it did let me employ transparent skin support :-)